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First Again! a reflection

Getting close, the middle of the year, mid summer's day, the longest day! All signs to remind us for the most part that we should be on our way to achieve at least 50% of our targets for the year as a whole. Already we can see the winners and the also-rans, some just stand out as being ahead of the pack with others appearing to be sending the message that they are just happy to tag along.

Why isn't everyone a winner? There is a distinct difference and for the most part it isn’t what some would think. A winner, be it an individual or company, tends to be the niche of society in that they are also true to themselves. A wonderful flowery or is it 'floury' statement or is there substance behind it.

The first thing noticed is that being true to one’s self is just that. Once you copy or try to clone another that’s where you finish up, a wannabe, as such always in the shadow of the original.

There is nothing that highlights this more than in marketing. Great products and services are always arriving but tend to falter or stall, simply for the lack of know how to get the offering in front of the audience that matters, the would-be buyer.

The fuddled thinking tends to be, let's do what the others do. So-and-so, always goes to that ‘show’ we should be there too. Then there is a catch phrase, the 'oh-so-in hash tag', a must for a clone to copy. Must have an 'award', everyone else has one, logically for what it matters and the real creditability gained, shouldn’t you just award yourself your own. Let's run a competition because…… On it goes, copy and clone, clone and copy. While it clearly flatters the original, the point missed is as every additional bit of follow the leader diminishes the whole and downgrades the concepts to just background noise, then no-one is listening. Certainly, those that you would think these things are designed to attract - don't get it. So, wasted time, effort and costs with very little to show. To clone others and succeed you have to be bigger, better and have more of a presence than them from the get go - that isn’t the ticket most are sold.

The point missed is the buyer, the would-be customer, they are generally happy with buying from the original. Some of the activities and handles that clearly identify the original, that's all they do, they are not the magic trick, they are not actually even why the buyer is there. The buyer arrives in the market either because a new concept intrigues or there is a situation they have that needs solving. Or in other words 'how will this benefit me', is what ticks the buyer’s box.

Its not competing when you commit to follow.

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