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Swish proves why retail brand recognition matters

Research conducted by Swish Window and Door Systems has shown that the internet has revolutionised the customer journey when it comes to purchasing doors and windows.

Gerald Allen, Epwin Window Systems’ Marketing Manager, highlights the impact this has on fabricators and installers: “Whereas before homeowners would contact their local installer when they were researching windows and doors, these days, people overwhelmingly turn to the internet and social media first. The next most popular option is friends and family. Going straight to an installer is the third most popular option. It shows that people want to arm themselves with the facts and get validation from their peers before they go any further. It’s a shift fabricators and installers need to recognise if they want to avoid getting left behind.”

Gerald highlights two ways fabricators and installers can reflect the change in the customer journey.

“Reputation matters more than ever now because social media is super-sized word-of-mouth. Make sure your website and any social media presence you have is up to scratch. Business initiatives such as our new membership programme Excellence as Standard help you drive the quality you’re looking for as well as boost your internet presence and give you the tools to make the most of your testimonials online.” By doing this, says Gerald, you will be top-of-mind when the homeowner is ready to move to the next stage and contact installers.

Equally as important is making sure that you have the right product in your portfolio. “Homeowners want to know they are choosing a reputable supplier and a quality product,” Gerald says. “It means when it comes to your choice of product, it pays to choose wisely. Our research showed that Swish is the most recognised brand after the big national names. A known name gives homeowners the necessary level of trust and reassurance. Of course, it helps that Swish also delivers all the aesthetics, security and thermal efficiency homeowners are looking for too.”

If you’re hungry to achieve, you need to stay ahead of changes in consumer trends and deliver the experience homeowners are looking for. Swish has been around for over 40 years because it’s been able to help its fabricators and installers do exactly that.

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