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The new door collection brochure from Force 8 will be at the top of your reading list for 2018

Force 8 is leading company in manufacturing windows and doors in Hazel Grove, Stockport, Greater Manchester. For over 25 years, Force 8 has provided the Stockport and Cheshire area with this excellent service so they understand the industry and the market needs.

The exclusive Decadence door range now features the new smooth finish along with the wood grain effect texture and if you are looking for a cutting edge entrance for your home then this is the ideal choice to break away from the traditional style doors. This range of doors which is exclusive to Force 8 features the smooth finish, giving your home a cutting edge entrance for your home due to the fact that it breaks away from the traditional composite style doors.

Overall, the advantages of the decadence door range are that the style combines the look of an aluminium door and the thermal advantage of a composite door. If a customer were to purchase an aluminium door with the same design, this could cost five times more than a composite smooth door from Force 8.

The new 2018 door collection brochure is now available from Force 8. This features 64 pages of our extensive door collection and three new designs in the decadence door range, giving you a wider selection to choose from. Force 8’s new range of Decadence doors is a unique collection which is available in a wood grain effect texture or smooth and this range is exclusive to us. 14 doors are now available within the Decadence door collection, each with their own intricately etched designs on the outside of the door giving a distinctive and individual look.

To further enhance the appeal of their doors, Force 8 allows you the option of their urban cassette which is available in aluminium or their colour matching finish and there is the option of the TriSys moulded cassette.

Alongside the new designs in the decadence door range, there are also new additions to the contemporary door range which are now available with the smooth finish as well as the wood grain effect texture which features on both sides of the doors. Each of Force 8 doors is available in standard and premium colours and to further this there also 210 RAL colours available.

As one of the UK’s leading companies in profile bending, combining their unique arched composite door systems with their one piece bend frames shows the how committed the company is to always improving their products. Force 8’s arched frames are available on most of their composite doors, enhancing the overall appeal of your home. The new brochure also includes Force 8’s high standard security systems; all doors are fitted with this system and are available with traditional or contemporary hardware.

Force 8 never releases a new brochure unless there are new door designs to be promoted. Furthering this, the new brochure will allow people to see why doors from Force 8 are revolutionary.

News title: -    The new door collection brochure from Force 8 will be at the top of your reading list for 2018
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