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Universal Trade Frames harnesses technology to help customers

When time is money, being able to get the information you need at the click of a mouse is invaluable. It’s something Spectus trade fabricator Universal Trade Frames knows and in its instant quote facility it’s delivering the service its customers need.

Managing Director Brian Kruger said: “Our Business Micros EvoSatellite software gives our customers quotes in real time, which they can then convert to an order at the push of a button. It means they can get a price and place an order straightaway rather than faxing or emailing requests and waiting for a response. It’s a system we know our customers value because it saves them time and hassle and allows them to work independently.”

The EvoSatellite software works on both PCs and tablets, so installers can get prices when they’re in the office and when they’re out on the road, which makes it an even more valuable tool. Brian comments: “The fact the software works anywhere there’s an internet connection means installers can give prices to customers straightaway. It dramatically reduces the delay between measuring up and confirming the order.”

Universal Trade Frames sets every customer up with the software as standard. The company has an in-house consultant who oversees the set-up process and makes sure it is working correctly and is compatible with all the customer’s systems. They are then on hand to answer any technical queries or provide any additional support or training that’s needed to help every customer get the most out of what the software has to offer their business.

Universal Trade Frames is renowned for staying ahead of trends and delivering the quality, innovation and support that today’s installers need. It’s use of the EvoSatellite software and the support it provides in helping its customers benefit from it demonstrates why it has a such a good reputation for adding value to installers’ businesses.

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