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If you want to add value to your portfolio in 2018, look no further than LEKA

LEKA Warm Roof

What’s behind the recent upturn in the fortunes of conservatory sales? It’s simple: the alternatives to the traditional conservatory that have come onto the market in recent years. And if you want to capitalise on the opportunities these products bring, it’s time to take a closer look at LEKA Roof Systems. The company’s products have a unique construction that gives them a major USP over other roofs on the market. What’s more, the speed with which they can be installed is a big boon for installers.

The market-leading LEKA Warm Roof was developed using innovative engineering techniques, highly technical design protocols and practical experience, so it delivers a wealth of advantages. The unique GRP construction means it has a U value of just 0.15 W/m²K, so it delivers the thermal efficiency today’s homeowners are looking for from their conservatories. It has a better lifespan than the traditional tile, concrete or slate alternatives, making it a better investment. The roof is available in any design, can incorporate Velux rooflights and offers a bigger span and a lower pitch too, so it’s incredibly flexible. And because there are fewer elements to install than on a traditional solid conservatory roof, on site installation typically takes just two to three days, including removing the old conservatory roof.

The LEKA Orangery Roof uses the same technological innovation as the market-leading Warm Roof. It means it’s a genuinely lightweight orangery roof that has a U value of just 0.15 W/m²K, something that will be very appealing to homeowners looking to create year-round rooms to house kitchen, dining and living areas. The roof is supplied in kit form and all materials are pre-cut/fabricated to exact specifications. It means installation is a two man one day job (excluding the lantern and roof membrane).

LEKA Approved Installers are supported with a comprehensive marketing package plus full product and sales training so they can maximise their sales potential and take advantage of the trend for feature-rich conservatory roofs.

The LEKA Warm Roof and the LEKA Orangery Roof both revolutionised the market when they launched. The company will be launching a new product in March 2018 and all the signs are that it will take LEKA to the next level of innovation.

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