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Universal Trade Frames’ Flush Casement False Vent passes PAS 24 security test. Can your supplier say the same?

Universal Trade Frames’ Flush Casement Window has achieved the PAS 24:2016 accreditation and has passed Parts 1 and 2 of BS 6375 which cover weathertightness and operation and strength. What’s more, not only did the standard window pass the tests, the versions with night vent locking and dummy vents achieved the same results as well.

Universal Trade Frames’ Managing Director Brian Kruger said: “The false sash is typically the weakest part of a flush casement when it comes to security and weathering, so it’s usual to rely on the cascade testing method and assume accreditation without testing. Universal’s Spectus Flush Casement Window is different and we were so confident in its abilities we did not hesitate to send it for testing. We are delighted to have been proved right and we believe we have one of the only flush casement windows in the industry that has fully accredited PAS 24 2016 flush casement dummy vent certification.”

The tests give installers a valuable sales tool when it comes to giving customers one of the things they value the most – peace of mind that their home is secure. It will also be valuable on commercial contracts where test credentials are often a pre-requisite. Brian commented: “If PAS 24:2016 accreditation is a requirement on a project, we can prove our window’s credentials. The question contractors need to ask themselves is: can our supplier say the same? The accreditation is something that gives our customers a clear point of difference in the market place.”

The Spectus Flush Casement Window mimics the appearance of a traditional nineteenth century casement window, making it perfect for heritage and conservation zone properties as well as new builds. Like all Universal Trade Frames’ products, the Flush Casement is manufactured in its state of the art manufacturing facility in Shrewsbury.

By adding these impressive test credentials to its Flush Casement Window, Universal Trade Frames has given its customers the tools they need to position the product as one of the strongest and most secure on the market. It’s the kind of proactive move you’d expect from a company renowned for adding value to its customers’ businesses.

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