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Lock Lock anti-pitting test exceeds 3,000 hours - 2,760 over standard

The Lock Lock handles show no sign of pitting in a drying cycle phase of the salt spray testing

Lock Lock, the new high security handle from Brisant Secure, has spent over 3,000 hours – four MONTHS - in independent corrosion testing, with no sign of pitting or blistering. Just 240 hours, or 10 days, of salt spray testing is required to achieve the EN 1906:2012. The highest corrosion grade measured is 480 hours.

“Pitting on door furniture is one of the industry’s dirtiest secrets,” says Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant Secure. “In fact, Lock Lock has spent longer in the salt spray chamber than some handles I used to buy lasted on the door. Many manufacturers only offer a guarantee on performance, or a token one on the finish. Some recommend stainless steel for ‘coastal’ areas – but 63% of the UK population live less than 9.3 miles from the sea. And 36% live within just 3 miles! In fact, most of us are near the coast, and the issues we have in the UK with corrosion on door handles reflects that. What might be fine for inland Europe, America or Australia, just isn’t suitable for an island like ours.”

Although stainless steel is often promoted as a better anti-corrosion (and more expensive) option, some manufacturers have only tested it to 500 hours. Brisant has three Lock Lock handles in the testing chamber in polished gold, chrome, and white powder coat. They’ve been sprayed with over 65kg of salt so far, and not one of the finishes has shown any signs of corrosion. Brisant has increased Lock Lock’s initial 2-year guarantee to 5 years, and will go further if the handles tested continue to perform.

Nick adds: “As manufacturers we can and should do better. Lock Lock took 24 months to develop. Each handle is coated twice with copper and then twice with nickel, and its designed with a seamless curve so there are no edges or corners, traditional weak spots for corrosion. The industry needs to ask itself why its finish guarantees aren’t anywhere near those for performance or security. Homeowners expect their handles to look good for years, not months. But all too often the reality is sadly different.”

Lock Lock will be tested to destruction, while our live website counter shows the hours going by at www.lock-lock.co.uk/tested.

To find out what selling real-life security and long-life performance can do for your business call 01924 410 200, visit www.lock-lock.co.uk

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Brisant Secure is led by cylinder lock expert CEO Steve Stewart. Steve designed Brisant’s range of innovative, premium quality, top performance cylinders, which have been widely accepted by the locksmith market and now making rapid in roads to the replacement door market. Having previously run ABS and designed Avocet’s ABS lock, many consider Steve the leading cylinder lock designer in the UK.

In an industry that relies on £3 Euro cylinders, standards and guidelines are complicated and often confused, so installers are misled as to the real security they are selling, and homeowners think they are more secure than they are. Brisant wants to change that.

Sold Secure Diamond testing has no rules. All cylinders are tested using any and all means known to breach cylinders. There is no time limit to how long a trained MLA locksmith can have to dissect the lock. If the lock breaks, it failed. If the lock isn’t breached by any attack, it is awarded Diamond status. Cylinders that have achieved this rating are truly the locks that lock.

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