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Double R Difference Published in Customer Charter

It’s one thing for companies to promise their customers quality products and good service, but it’s quite another to make these promises in writing, to all customers. Double R Glass & Roofing Systems has done just this with the publication of its customer charter.

“Customer charters may not be a new idea, but they have an important part to play in building relationships with customers that will last the distance,” says Ian Sims, Managing Director of Double R. “Relationships and service are buzz words that our industry uses a lot, but what customers really appreciate is knowing where they stand. They like to genuinely know what to expect and have these expectations met time and time again, they appreciate regular and open communication with their supplier and perhaps most importantly, they appreciate knowing they will have all the support they need if something goes wrong – whatever the reason for the mistake.

“We consider ourselves one of the companies that go the extra mile, whether we’re manufacturing sealed units in volume or in smaller numbers, or whether we’re delivering bespoke decorative patterned units, or whether we’re delivering conservatory roof kits, Double R genuinely puts the customer first and treat all our customers how we would wish to be treated. Our customer charter document lays all of this out for all of our customers, existing and new, to see. The details include delivery times, response times, complaints procedures and as importantly what we expect of our customers to make the relationship work in the best possible way for everyone.

“We’re proud to be different when it comes to customer service and hopefully our newly published customer charter will give our customers additional peace of mind in our written promise to them.”

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