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Aluminium expansion is go!

Since Gary Morton and the BoingBoing Group purchased CentralRPL two years ago, the group has been focused on streamlining operations, enhancing its service and product offering and energising the brand. Part of this review included ensuring that products offered were relevant, fit for purpose and being asked for by installers. In recognition of the relentless demand for aluminium and drawing on CentralRPL’s extensive experience in customer focused supply, CentralASL the sister aluminium company was formed and is in full flow with production.

Gary Morton comments: “Aluminium was one of the main products we wanted to be able to supply our customers directly. Our strategy is all about finding products and services for our customers, rather than customers for our products and services. It is vital that we ensure our customers who want aluminium can access the same expertise and service they rely on from the PVC-U team at CentralRPL.

“After careful research into the most suitable aluminium products on the market, we selected the Optimo range of windows and bi-fold, entrance and patio doors from ALUK. The product range is well designed and efficient in performance, exceeding the standards expected in modern building design. ALUK is also able to support us in our 10-day turnaround promise to ensure our customers’ installations are delivered on time and in full to ensure projects are completed to their timescales.

“CentralASL’s overriding objective is to offer customers a full and innovative product portfolio, backed by leading customer support. In an industry where exceptional quality is a given, service is everything. So, if you would like to work with a true “one-stop” supplier that can satisfy every installation, residential or commercial call Sales Manager Jonathan Bicknell today on 0121 500 0505

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