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Transition to Optima was seamless says Heritage Trade Frames

Many fabricators are concerned about the impact switching to a new system will have on their production schedules. It’s something the Profile 22 technical team was well aware of when they introduced Optima last year and a meticulous and detailed process was developed to ensure every changeover went smoothly. And feedback from customers agrees it was exactly that.

Paul Culshaw of Heritage Trade Frames in Bolton says: “As an established Profile 22 customer, we switched to Optima following the product’s launch in 2016. The changeover of systems was meticulously planned with minimal disruption to our day to day production. It really was a seamless transition and we were very impressed with the management, dedication and attention to detail shown by the Profile 22 technical team.”

Heritage Trade Frames was one of the first Profile 22 fabricators to move to Optima, which means it has been an Optima fabricator for over a year. It’s given Paul time to assess the new system and he is impressed by what it has to offer. “Optima is billed as a gamechanger in system design and we totally agree,” he says. “Optima is a step-change in advanced window design for the 21st century and offers an impressive choice of colour foil options too.”

But perhaps the most impressive benefit Optima offers is simply that it is helping Paul grow his business. He says: “As a result of the switchover we have attracted many new customers and our business has benefited as a result. Our existing customers have been equally delighted with the new Optima system and we are pleased to report that we retained them all when switching to the new system. This is testimony to the added value Optima offers.”

Paul is also convinced the system will continue to deliver: “We are confident that the system will continue to be enhanced and developed while continuing to exceed our expectations.”

So if you’re looking for a system that will be easy to switch to, will benefit your business and will continue to evolve to represent the best in 21st century window design, look no further than Optima by Profile 22. It’s the system that gives you more opportunities, more markets and more sales.

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Profile 22 Systems

Profile 22 manufacture a comprehensive range of 60mm and 70mm PVC-U windows and door systems.

Its products are integrated, meaning all four suites offer a choice of sash and outer frame combinations, share common beads and have dedicated Safeware locks and hardware. Making it simple to specify and fabricate window and doors to suit any application. Integration offers huge benefits to fabricators and makes it very economical to sell into new market sectors.

Profile 22 integrated products also incorporate unique and proven labour saving features that can make significant impact on your productivity, saving time and money in the factory and on site.

Profile 22 at a glance:

  • British owned manufacturer of PVC-U profile.
  • Based in Telford in a 150,000 sq ft factory and customer support complex.
  • Working with windows since 1976.
  • 40,000 frames made using Profile 22 every week.
  • Part of the £180m Epwin Group.
  • Dedicated specification team and a nationwide network of manufacturers of high quality PVC-U windows and doors.

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