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Phoenix Doors launches new ‘Sovereign’ composite door range

Phoenix Doors, part of the Masco UK Window Group, has rebranded its Continental and County composite door ranges under the ‘Sovereign’ brand in response to evolving trends in the marketplace.

The rebranding brings together the Continental and County Collections to offer the widest choice yet in quality 44mm flush-fitting composite doors with new door styles, modern glazing designs and innovative locking systems.

“The big news is that both the conventional lift-up lever handle multi-point locking system and the latest ‘slam-shut’ locks with an escutcheon are now available throughout the Sovereign range,” explains Sales Director Haydon Statham.

“This satisfies those customers fond of the ‘traditional’ door handle and others who prefer the convenience of a key-opening and ‘statement’ handle appearance – whatever the door style. We have greatly increased the choice for our customers.”

According to Haydon, Sovereign represents the latest evolution of their composite doors thanks to advances in lock and hardware design. “Latest developments in hardware have created locking systems with smaller backsets. This means they can be positioned between the edge of the door and the glass, opening up greater scope in door design,” he says.

The addition of a GU auto-engage lock across the range is proving popular and Haydon predicts that by next summer 60% of the doors they sell will be using this style of lock. Homeowners like the added convenience of securing their properties as the lock engages when the door is pulled shut and simply opened again with the turn of a key.

He adds: “This type of lock looks much slicker, leaner and more modern and consequently by introducing it across the product range, it’s possible to have a traditional door style with the latest up-to-date security system.

“Trends are shifting towards fresher, more neutral glazing designs set within sharper, cleaner-looking entrance doors. As one of the UK’s major players in the retail door replacement market, we know this marketplace very well and that’s why we’ve launched new products specifically designed to appeal to today’s purchasers and contemporary lifestyles.”

Since its move to larger premises in Huntingdon, Phoenix Doors has installed additional paint spraying facilities to fulfil rising demand for coloured composite doors. As well as the standard colours, all the Sovereign doors can be painted in any RAL colour.

Accompanying the Sovereign range is a well-produced brochure aimed at helping installers to sell in the home and present this comprehensive collection to its best advantage.

For more information or to request a Sovereign brochure, please call Phoenix Doors on 01487 740469

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