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OnLevel plough on with Ox

OnLevel have expanded their range of complimentary accessories for balustrading installer through a deal with OX Tools of Australia to supply measuring tools, layout tools and safety equipment.

“It’s surprising but we have often gone to projects and noticed basic tools such as levels are not on the job site, or , if they are, more than often they are of poor quality, this makes installing professionally very difficult indeed, therefore we decided to offer a range of professional high quality tools and good prices to encourage our customers to equip fully for a fast, high quality, and professional installation.. Along with our campaign to ensure the correct fixings are used, we want to encourage high standards of accuracy and workmanship- this is why, in combination with training , on site advice, and high quality fixings we have now introduced a range of complimentary tools which a professional will be proud to use.” Gary Dean, MD, explained.

“OnLevel have chosen OX Tools as there preferred partner because of their world class manufacturing , over 40 years production history, and strong commitment to branding - things we value highly ourselves. Products are available now from September, customers can purchase from our promotional flyer and the range will be included in our new 2018 catalogue in the Spring” explained warehouse manager, Bob Ellams “ we have already had requests from customers for recommended tools so it made sense to test the market and then stock the products we considered the best in terms of quality of build, performance and price”

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