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Glazerite offer installers fresh opportunity in the growing flood market

Always a company to offer something above and beyond the norm, The Glazerite UK Group is now able to provide installers with a fantastic high specification flood door package as launched by the fabricator at the FIT Show.

Following a successful launch of the new collection and partnership with Flood Angel, the flood defence specialists that have helped make the venture possible, Glazerite has already seen a steady stream of enquiries from both new installers and its existing customer base. All Flood Angel Approved installers will have access to a wide range of flood doors, including residential, French & composite, along with the opportunity to become part of an exclusive retail partner network authorised to market the products throughout the UK.

More than a dozen companies have recently enrolled to complete the essential Flood Angel training program in order to gain the specialist knowledge and expertise required to become a Flood Angel Approved Installer. The two-day course helps participants to build good quality surveying skills and learn the installation methods required to meet Kitemark standards, as well as providing a general overview of flood mitigation products.

Despite many of these installers already supplying alternative flood door brands to their customers, they are still required to complete the Flood Angel programme to ensure any installation of Flood Angel products is carried out to the exacting standards expected, as Flood Angel CEO Frank Kelly explains:

“Any flood door is only as good as the quality of fitting, every applicant to the retail network must undergo intensive training by the manufacturer to ensure installation standards are as high as the specification demands.”

Much of this comprehensive training programme takes place at a specialist testing facility based in Droitwich, Worcestershire which is equipped with a replica house placed inside a dedicated test tank and is the first ever privately owned BSI approved research and development testing facility in the UK.

The test tank features a Self Activating Flood Barrier (SAFB), an industrial flood gate and the Flood House. This Flood House allows visitors to experience flood conditions from inside the house, which is protected with flood defender doors, anti-flood airbricks, a non-return valve and sump & pump system. The facility is designed to test a range of products up to a depth of one metre and also has ‘wave simulation’ capability creating water speeds in excess of 1.5m/s.

All Flood Angel manufactured products are put through rigorous testing at the BSI approved testing facility and have been tested to meet strict Kitemark standards or equivalent. The composite door, the first of its kind in the UK, is based on a Palladio monocoque slab, Halo frame, patented seals and Maco hardware with a key feature being full compliance with PAS 1188 –1:2014, as are the other doors in the range. The certification guarantees that the doors are able withstand water levels up to 600mm deep, all made possible thanks to a group of unique components including highly specialised locking mechanisms and gaskets.

Jason Thompson, Director of The Glazerite UK Group says more and more homeowners are concerned about the risk of flooding: “They recognise the need to protect their homes but they also want the reassurance of a high-specification defence system, and nowhere more so than the doors.

“Flood Angel has a reputation second to none for all kinds of flood mitigation systems, including its range of Flood Defender doors. Now, we are inviting installer partners to become part of a network of exclusive dealerships to market the door all around the UK and tap into this lucrative market.”

Frank Kelly added: “Our doors, like all Flood Angel products, are made to the highest specification to tackle the serious challenges caused by flooding. Working with such a respected company as Glazerite, as well as a network of fully trained and monitored installation companies, we can be sure those standards are matched all the way from the factory to the finished product in every customer’s home.”

Between the leading trade fabricator and flood defence experts, installers have a wealth of experience and advice to fall back on in this demanding market. With the offer of great marketing support to ensure effective communication with customers the Glazerite flood door route is certainly one worth exploring, especially for those installers that find themselves in new territory with this type of product.

The Glazerite UK Group is VEKA’s largest trade fabricator in the UK and a long-standing Network VEKA member. It offers a fully nationwide service based on manufacturing units in Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Greater Manchester as well as its South West distribution hub in Bristol serving South Wales and The West of England.

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