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Double R Leads the Way with TruShield

TruShield ,the glass protection system from Edgetech UK

As a specialist in IGUs and conservatory roofs, Double R Glass & Roofing Systems constantly updates it offering to ensure customers stay ahead of the competition – often beating competitors to market with new products and going the extra mile to help customers make the most of current market opportunities. The most recent example of this is the investment in TruShield , the glass protection system from Edgetech UK, which will soon factor in 85% of the company’s roof glass.

Ian Sims, Managing Director of Double R explains: “We’re always keen to bring new products to market before anyone else to give our customers a head start. That is why we were the first company to offer TruShield and we are the only UK manufacturer to have invested in the full manufacturing system that allows us to manage the entire process in-house. The line incorporates a spray booth, oven and easels to make application of TruShield to IGUs quick, easy and cost effective.

“The coating adds a chemically bonded layer to the glass, protecting it from the elements and chemical erosion. As soon as we knew that TruShield had been scrutinised under long term tests and came out on top, we added it to our portfolio. We’ve seen such success with it that it will soon be applied to 85% of our roof glass, but the product can be applied to any glass, making it more desirable for our customers. We are also able to price it competitively so our customers can make savings compared to other similar coatings.

“We were the first manufacturer to offer both Wendland and Ultraframe conservatory roof kits, the first to bring the Guardian Warm Roof solid roof system to market and most recently the first to invest in the world’s fastest For.El vertical IGU line. We only pioneer products when they’re from suppliers that we know we can trust. We have a long standing, excellent relationship with Edgetech, so we knew TruShield would be a successful addition to our product offering and it has proved to be exactly that.”

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