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A fabricator’s guide to EvoNET – in three minutes

Fabricators who want to see just what makes Business Micros’ EvoNET software the most popular business management tool in the industry can see it in action in a brand new 3-minute video.

The video means fabricators don’t need to visit someone else’s factory anymore to see just how well the software works in the real world – they can simply go to YouTube or view it on the company’s brand new website at www.businessmicros .co.uk.

Shot at leading trade fabricator Keyframe’s factory in Bolton, where they have been using EvoNET alongside their Evolution production software for more than three years, the video tracks the journey of a window from the moment of order right through to despatch. The window moves around a series of barcode scanning stations in the highly efficient, paperless factory.

The video shows just how much time is saved on admin thanks to EvoNET’s ability to automate everything from sending order acknowledgements and invoices to placing glass orders and batching production. It also perfectly illustrates the reporting function with EvoNET which allows users to monitor and report on every aspect of business and production performance.

Business Micros’ Managing Director Graeme Bailey said: “We think the only way to really appreciate EvoNET’s capability is to see it in action and, with demand for the product increasing all the time, investing in the video made perfect sense – both for us and for potential customers.”

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