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FrameXpress customers reap the benefits of quality standards

The quality standards and after sales customer services provided by the frameXpress team has always impressed longstanding customer, Simon Brookes, owner of Llyn Home Im-provements based in Anglesey.

In one of the most recent projects, frameXpress was contracted to supply replacement windows and doors on a complete renovation project. These included casement win-dows, a composite door as well as some French doors that open out onto a decked area.

Simon’s philosophy is that cheap is definitely not the best solution, believing the quality available from the frameXpress brand as outstanding and very good value for money.

For a company that has relied completely on referral business since launching 15 years ago, having never had to advertise, Simon’s business has grown substantially, providing a friendly, professional and reliable home improvement service to the Welsh peninsula.

After an introduction to Karen Gardner, Sales Manager at FrameXpress, a great working relationship subsequently developed which has gone from strength to strength.

Having an established reputation for providing premium services when it comes to the home refurbishment market, the company is continuing to gain new ground. Simon's cus-tomers include people from the local community including shop owners, churches and local businesses as well as holiday home owners.

After visiting the FrameXpress main head office in Telford when he first decided to use products from the range, Simon gained an insight as to how well products are manufac-tured. A strong team effort guarantees that the highest standard products are produced with regular consistency.

Simon comments, “I have always been very happy with the calibre of the range and can honestly say, I have never had any comeback on the products I have installed. Karen provides an extremely professional service which is localised and makes us feel that we are not just another customer. She works very hard to support the business and has be-come a good friend in the process.”

The frameXpress team works diligently on all sized projects, going that extra mile to en-sure that customers get the quality products they ordered in the shortest time or to suit their schedules.

Karen Gardner, comments, “Top quality customer support services always make the real difference I feel and are vital to this company’s success.”

As a supplier the entire team will not only provide the very best in terms of products but will also assist with more complicated projects providing great technical advice when necessary.

On the decision to use the Optima system Simon considers that the cost and quality pro-vide excellent value for money. He comments, “Optima looks good as a product and customers have taken to it very well.”

Karen concludes, “We all work very hard to guarantee that our customers can build their own businesses. The friendly, flexible and reliable service we provide reflects our high standards.”

She continues, “The finishes, glazing options and security features incorporated into our range ensures that we can offer our customers total reassurance when it comes to all new projects. Equally, developing strong business relations is tremendously important and it is reassuring to know that our customers are benefitting from the guarantees, flexibility and reliability we offer.”

For more information on the frameXpress range please visit the website www.frameXpress.co.uk

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frameXpress is a leading manufacturer of windows, doors and conservatories with an established reputation for excellence across the industry. With a broad product portfolio that includes the most modern pvc-u and aluminium systems as well as Composite Doors and the Guardian Roofing system,customers have confidence in the entire portfolio.

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