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CWG Choices chooses SWISSPACER for new Ultra4

CWG Choices, a leading trade manufacturer of windows, doors and conservatories in the Midlands and South, has chosen SWISSPACER ULTIMATE for its new Ultra4 glazing system. Developed in partnership with Saint-Gobain, Ultra4 has ULTIMATE warm edge spacer bar inside for the best in energy ratings.

CWG has been using SWISSPACER ULTIMATE as standard for a number of years. Managing Director Jason Wilder says: “ULTIMATE is the ‘unsung hero’ within the sealed unit and is a very important part of what we do. It provides excellent thermal performance and we know it works.

“Our new Ultra4 system changes the outer pane to 6.8 silence laminated glass, and results in a better performing window with fantastic U-values. Our aim was to develop a product with top thermal performance, noise control, high security and furniture fade protection. SWISSPACER ULTIMATE takes care of the thermal conductivity with its 100% impermeable High Tech Gas Barrier, ensuring long lasting performance.

“ULTIMATE is perfect aesthetically too. Its clean sightlines and matt finish makes it discrete”, continues Jason. “Colour is also very important to our business. It equates to 1 in 4 sales, so in addition to the most popular black and white spacer bars, it’s also great to know that SWISSPACER offers a leading choice of 17 colours.”

For more information on CWG Choices’ Ultra4 call 01536 271940

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Formed in 1998 Swisspacer is part of Saint-Gobain Glass Solutions. The company has experienced massive growth in the UK over the past 2 years. Its no-investment needed price benefit has been a key advantage that has attracted sealed unit manufacturers and window fabricators and fuelled its growth.

The manufacturing and head office is in Switzerland and a second manufacturing facility is established in Germany. Much investment is taking place to expand production capacity to ensure that Swisspacer is able to satisfy the dramatic ongoing growth in demand for its high performance warm edge spacer bar products.

Swisspacer has a growing network of leading sealed unit manufacturers in the UK and Ireland using its products, including Solaglas, Pilkington, Carey Glass, Supaseal, Custom Glass, Uniglaze2, Glass Systems, Clayton Glass, System 3 and Hollow Seal among others.

Swisspacer exactly matches the shape and dimensions of aluminium spacers, and being rigid and self supporting it handles in a similar way. And because there is no need to invest in expensive new machinery, it makes it very easy to get up and running with warm edge. Automated solutions are however available from Lisec, Saint-Gobain Seva and Rottler and Ruediger.

Independent tests conducted by IFT Rosenheim, the leading European independent fenestration research and test facility, showed that Swisspacer V had the best PSI values of all the other leading brands of spacer bar that were submitted for testing. Using Swisspacer thermal insulation (U-value) can be improved by up to 20%. Swisspacer V and Swisspacer perform very well in the Window Energy Rating Scheme.

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