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Hardware specialists to bring newly evolved products to market

Tim Ferkin, Sales & Marketing Director

Hardware specialist Caldwell UK has radically improved two of its already market-leading products in a move that will see its customers benefit from better systems at no extra cost.

Caldwell are now at the end of the process of improving and re-engineering its Ultra Lift (UL2) and Torso spring balances so that they are even higher performing.

From August, UL2 will be replaced by the Ultra Lift 6 (UL6) and in June Torso will be replaced by the new Torso II version.

Darren Murphy, Director of Operations at Caldwell, comments: “We have spent months of design and engineering time to bring these new and improved products to market. There are no extra costs incurred from this process and the new products will not impact on our customer’s current manufacturing or fitting processes.

“Each product brings significant advantages to the manufacturer and end-user. For example, Torso II will be able to hold a higher weight within a 19-millimetre tube diameter as opposed to a 25-millimetre diameter.”

The standard Ultralift balances can be specified for use in both tilt-in and standard sash windows. A double sprung design means they can offer the end user up to 80% increased mechanical advantage compared with standard operation.

Like Ultralift balances, the Torso models are double sprung to give the end user significant levels of mechanical assistance when operating the window. Torso balances, however, can cater for much heavier sash weights, supporting sashes from 3kg – 60kg.

Tim Ferkin, Sales & Marketing Director, comments: “We greatly value the business relationship we have with each customer, which is why we are delighted to be launching our new and improved products. Not only do they offer significant performance benefits they can be delivered on faster lead times too – speeding up the manufacturing process.”

The updated products form part of a £1 million investment programme, that will see Caldwell roll out a number of UK first’s in the coming weeks.

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