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FrameXpress Needs Your Help…For Alfie

FrameXpress Ltd is a Telford based company which has a strong sense of community and over the years, has been a great supporter of both local Telford based charities as well as national ones.

Jim Hinds, Technical Advisor, has worked with the company for a long time and has been very sup-portive of many events championed along the way.

The team recently learned that Jim’s son, Alfie suffers with a debilitating heart condition that affects his day to day life and the prognosis is very uncertain for him.

A Little About AlfieAlfie was born with a severe heart defect which limits what he can do physically. Despite several ma-jor operations, at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, he still needs constant supervision and help to get around.

He is a bright, determined young boy however, and has attended school regularly but is limited to part time attendance.

Being 11 now, he is due to start secondary school and is enthusiastic to begin the next journey of his life, but he needs a motorised wheelchair in order to be able to access classrooms which may be on different floors and long distances apart.

Unfortunately the school is unable to fund the £4,000.00 needed for the chair and there is no govern-ment funding to support Jim financially with this purchase. Furthermore, the school cannot commit another person to push Alfie around in a non motorised chair during his school hours. With the start of a new school year looming, the clock is ticking.

September Deadline

The FrameXpress team is all pulling together and will be working with the charity Whizzkids to help Jim raise the £4,000 he has to find by September - which is when Alfie starts secondary school. Should the amount achieved exceed the, the company will be donating the remainder to Whizzkids for their charitable causes.

Getting Involved

Everyone at the company is behind this fundraising project and a lot of Jim’s workmates have already planned a number of events which include:

  • An Easter Coffee Morning on 13th April
  • A Corporate Bike Ride on 3rd June
  • A Sponsored Pink Hair Dye on 8th June

‘Alfie’s Bash’ is due to be held on 9th June at Wellington Cricket Club where there will be a special auction, some dancing as well as traditional food and drinks to enjoy - information on tickets for this event is available from Diana Collier

Time Is Not On Our Side

Michelle Milward, Office Manager and Project Co-ordinator commented, “With a September deadline fast approaching we need as much support as possible for Alfie.

So, on Jim’s behalf, we are asking for companies, customers and local support as we look to raise the funds necessary for him to buy the motorised chair for his son.

We really do hope that people will be inspired to help Jim and his family.”

Link into the feeds to keep updated on Alfie’s Fundraiser progress.
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Please contact Michelle Milward or Diana Collier on 01952 581100 for more detailed information on the scheduled events as more are planned.

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