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Avocet launches new ABS website

Lock safety online – Avocet’s new ABS website

Avocet Hardware has continued its fight against burglars with the launch of www.abs-secure.co.uk – a brand new website that brings together all the relevant information about lock-snapping, and how to counter it using the company’s market leading snap secure locks, in one invaluable and easy to use online resource.

The new site, which is fully responsive and so will display perfectly no matter what device a person uses to access it, was developed in response to a growing demand amongst Avocet’s Elite centre customers for a website that addressed lock snapping head on and honestly, but without providing burglars with a veritable DIY lesson in it.

Derrick Purvis, marketing manager of Brighouse-based Avocet, said: “There’s a lot of conflicting information about lock-snapping and how to prevent it flying around out there and it is very easy to become confused. The feedback we were getting was that people wanted an authoritative voice to tackle the issue in a manner that made sense – and I feel www.abs-secure .co.uk does exactly that.”

Lock-snapping is a form of forced entry that has grown in popularity in recent years. It affects Euro cylinder locks that are fitted, as standard, in all uPVC and double glazed doors. There are though snap-secure locks available, which have been developed specifically to prevent lock-snap attacks. Those carrying a BSI kitemark and its TS007 3-star rating, and the Master Locksmith Association’s Sold Secure SS312 Diamond rating are accepted as the most reliable in keeping burglars out and car keys safely out of their reach – and Avocet sells two of the UK’s most secure locks, ABS and ATK.

ABS was the first lock of its kind in the country to have both SS312 Diamond accreditation and a TS007 3-star rating. It was fitted in over 10,000 homes by West Yorkshire Police as part of a crime prevention programme in 2012, which resulted in a 35 per cent drop in burglaries in just one year. It has also never been breached once fitted in any home in the UK and is a police preferred, Secured by Design product.

ATK was introduced in 2015 in response to a growing requirement for a snap secure Avocet lock that could be operated using a standard key. Since then the lock has secured millions of pounds worth of business for Avocet, most notably from a host of leading door companies, that have opted to fit ATK as standard.

Avocet is now marketing and selling ABS and ATK across Europe as part of its role as the security sponsor of the European Neighbourhood Watch Association (EUNWA).

“Lock-snapping isn’t just confined to the UK,” continued Derrick. “In many countries across Europe its growth as a form of forced entry has absolutely sky-rocketed in recent years. It’s our hope that by working alongside EUNWA and developing an online resource like www.abs-secure.co.uk that we’ll be able to make a long and lasting impression that will help stop burglars across the continent in their tracks and ensure every can sit that bit more safely in their homes.”

For more information about lock-snapping and how to prevent visit www.abs-secure.co.uk .

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Avocet Hardware

Avocet Hardware is once again establishing itself as one of the leading distributors of locks, security products, and window and door furniture in the UK

The company’s Avocet ABS and ATK high security locks feature a unique patented snap secure technology that meets the highest safety standards, with a British Kitemark, TS007 3-star rating, Sold Secure SS312 Diamond standard and Secure by Design accreditations – a combination that no other lock on the market can currently match.

Meanwhile its Affinity window and door hardware range is one of the leading brands in the home window and door security market.

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