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Hueck UK launches new window innovations

Lambda WS 075 FC

Hueck UK has expanded its popular Lambda series of products with the launch of Lambda WS 075 FC and Lambda SA (silent air).

Lambda WS 075 FC combines the advantages of a highly thermally insulated aluminium window construction with the appearance of a slender façade design; and is a cost-effective alternative to traditional curtain walling.

The system is compatible with the HUECK Lambda WS / DS 075 window and door series. It can also be combined with Hueck Trigon 50 cover shells to allow for different designs of inside and outside views.

Hueck has also launched a new innovation to the aluminium window market, Lambda SA.

Lambda SA is a modular soundproofing system based on the highly thermally insulated aluminium window system, Lambda WS 090.

Thanks to an ingenious design, Lambda SA can reduce noise pollution by up to 39 dB even when the window sash is open in the tilted position.

Different combinations of soundproofing system components mean different demands for soundproofing, economic viability and the possible width of the tilted position opening can be achieved.

For example, a fanlight for rush airing can be combined with a special bottom light window for sound-proof continuous ventilation. And Lambda SA can also be used with windows that do not have a bottom light window.

Director Leon friend comments: “Lambda SA is ideal for use in projects where the requirements for soundproofing are high, such as densely populated areas and homes near airports and railway lines.

“The Hueck engineers have spent months developing Lambda SA and Lambda WS 075 FC and they are just some of many new products we have recently launched to help architects fully realise the potential of aluminium in the built environment.”

Hueck is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium window, door and façade solutions, specialising in both standard systems as well as bespoke applications

The company offers a wide choice of profiles, all of which are designed to integrate with each other.

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