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Mercury Glazing shows the versatility of vertical sliders

Mercury Glazing Supplies Limited is one of the most experienced vertical slider fabricators in the industry and its expertise means it is often called upon to manufacture windows to complex and demanding requirements. Chris Reeks, the company’s Sales and Marketing Director, explains: “It’s easy to think that creating standard rectangular vertical sliders in PVC-u is achievement enough. But vertical sliders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the talented people on our shop floor prove every day that PVC-u isn’t just limited to the standard shapes.”

Examples of unusual vertical slider windows that Mercury has produced in recent months includes gothic arched windows, semi-circle arched windows, sunburst astragal bar windows, double curved windows and vertical sliders that mimic casement windows.

Chris comments: “Vertical sliders are a popular choice in new build properties where the architect or developer wants to add a touch of heritage style. Having the ability to fabricate PVC-u vertical sliders in unusual shapes opens up a new world of design possibilities for them, enabling them to add further value to their developments. There are also period properties up and down the country that have non-standard vertical sliders. Our ability to manufacture windows to fit these shapes means PVC-u is a viable option for them.”

Each window is based on the market-leading Spectus vertical slider, of which Mercury is one of the UK’s biggest fabricators. The windows are available in A+ and B rated versions and can be Secured by Design accredited, two key reasons why PVC-u vertical sliders are a very attractive option when it comes to adding heritage style to new build properties or replacing original timber windows. Standard colours are white, light oak, rosewood, cream and white woodgrain and interior and exterior colours can be mixed and matched for a completely coordinated look.

Chris concludes: “These vertical sliders prove the versatility and flexibility of the range. They demonstrate how far we’ve come as an industry in recent years that we can offer such specialist windows.” Of course, they also demonstrate the expertise and experience of Mercury Glazing Supplies Limited and why it delivers consistent growth year on year.

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