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New FENSA Member ID card launched to kick-start 2017 rebrand

FENSA, the Government authorised self-certification scheme for windows and doors installers launches the new FENSA Member ID Card. Following engagement with FENSA members and consumer groups alike, it was found that both were keen for there to be a more credible ID card.

Installers wanted to demonstrate their trustworthiness and reliability, with customers wanting greater peace of mind.

Commenting, Jon Vanstone, Director of FENSA, said:

“It is a really exciting time for FENSA and the new card marks the first of a number of initiatives and changes in 2017 that will deliver more value to members and help them have better engagement with their customers.

The modern and fresh design of the new FENSA Card helps members to promote their businesses to customers up and down the country. Members are positioned more effectively, with both the FENSA and business logos on the card, increasing genuine credibility to their operation in the eyes of the customer. Added to this, the card protects members more effectively with new enhanced security features, such as a hologram, to prevent rogue traders developing counterfeit cards.

Members will be carrying the new FENSA Card which will enable customers to cross reference the details on the card on FENSA’s online database. Checking who is on your doorstep is vital particularly when dealing with vulnerable people.”

Commenting, Neil Coyle, Member of Parliament for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, said:

“I’m delighted to see the launch of the new FENSA Card today, an initiative that will help installers build trust with their customers.

FENSA membership is synonymous with high quality work and the FENSA Card will soon be a visual representation of this. It is great to hear more about FENSA’s bold plans to support installers in the year ahead. FENSA plays an important role in the fenestration industry and its’ work will continue to protect the reputation of responsible installers.”

Further important details about the new FENSA Member ID Card include:

  • FENSA installers/surveyors need to have achieved for their Minimum Technical Competencies (MTC) via Helix Training www.trainwithhelix.co.uk. MTC are a mandatory requirement for Installers and Surveyors working in the Glass and Glazing sector in England and Wales

  • The FENSA Card is valid for two years from issue. Its expiry date is separate to the renewal date of MTC compliance
  • If you are a current FENSA installer or surveyor, you will soon be able to apply for your card at www.fensaonline.com through your account
  • Upon applying, you will be required to provide your FENSA registration number and personal details including, your head shot, company logo, occupation, route to MTC (if you have not already achieved it) and National Insurance number

  • The new FENSA Card costs £20 + VAT
  • Existing FENSA MTC Cards out in the marketplace are valid up to the expiry date on the card and then superseded by the new “FENSA Card”

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