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TuffX Processed Glass exceed expectations once again

There is no stopping TuffX Processed Glass when it comes to supplying glass for stunning designs and creations. They are always surprising cilents when jobs are installed by how striking the glass is. Most recently TuffX’s processed department secured a job for a regular installer down in North Wales, they requested glass for the outside of a beach front holiday home in Pwllheli. The homeowners wanted to differentiate their home from its neighbours and give it a modern finish. TuffX asked to see a image of the home beforehand so they could envision the job and ensure their cilent was getting the best glass possible. This had to be aesthetically pleasing aswell as safe. TuffX suggested to the cilents that they purchase a total of 135m2 of Toughened- Laminated glass.

The cilents opted for 45m² of 15mm Toughened-Laminated glass for the staircase and 90m² of 21.5mm Toughened-Laminated for the surrounding balcony. The homeowner was very happy with the finished product, stating; “Our holiday home is just how we pictured it. We were optimistic when our installer suggested using TuffX as the glass supplier, having done some research on the company and its previous jobs, we was delighted. The glass is perfect and we get so many compliments on our home now, many neighbours wanting to do the same. We can’t thank both, our installers and TuffX enough for everything; it really gives our home the finishing touch we desired.”

Tuff X manufactures their toughened laminated glass in-house on state-of-the-art machinery to meet all current industry standards. They can manufacture the glass from 4mm to 19mm and up to a maximum size of 4000mm x 2200mm. All glass is available within 5-7 working days.

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