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Hegla and Bystronic Celebrate Continued Success

In late 2016 Hegla as an international company celebrated more than 40 years as a market leading machinery manufacturer, specialising in glass cutting technology. The entire team has worked tire-lessly to provide the glass industry with technical solutions that offer strategic advantages in rela-tion to real-time benefits. The high calibre standards of the range have been designed and devel-oped over this time with meticulous attention to detail put into all concepts, in order to provide the highest impact on production line efficiency.

After joining forces with the service and spares division of glass machinery specialist Bystronic glass UK two years ago, a company whose head office also recently celebrated a milestone 50 years in the business, this has led to positive results for both parties.

The quality standards associated with the brands are recognised globally and the company’s reputa-tion for excellence has grown quickly, with Helga UK now also celebrating 15 years of success in the industry this year.

Ensuring that a manufacturing facility can run at peak performance is a critical part of any Hegla evaluation. Introducing faster methods of production that drastically reduce handling times and material loss with equipment such as the ReMaster, the Galactic or the Rapidstore will guarantee to improve output as well as profit margins.

Fully understanding customers’ manufacturing requirements and developing tailored solutions is the key to success for the Hegla team as well as its customers.

After developing and preparing factory layouts with spreadsheets for justification, a dedicated team of experienced specialist engineers in the UK and Germany ensures that installation, commissioning and start up of the equipment is an easy transition that runs smoothly to meet the demands of the customers.

The preferred partnership co-operation between Hegla and Bystronic glass launched new measures in the UK which took progressive steps forward by offering the industry the best in terms of opti-mum product performance, customer care and service support.

For those evaluating production output, there is little room for error particularly for investors making future business plans in the current uncertain European climate.

Whilst the technical advantages of the entire Hegla range stem from many years experience in ma-chine development, a key aspect of the company’s success can be simply attributed to understand-ing the needs and demands of the market as a whole. Repeatedly customers endorse the ad-vantages of the machinery as well as the entire team’s ability to easily accommodate their individual needs.

Technically both companies offer vast experience and understanding of an industry that continually changes. Consistent quality is allied to appreciating the demands put upon glass processors as mar-kets fluctuate, with knowledge and vast technical support available at every stage of any project.

Hegla remains in complete control of manufacturing and building each and every piece of equip-ment in-house to the highest specifications, as does Bystronic glass which has a long standing repu-tation for excellence in relation to machinery and service - distinctive traits of which both companies are very proud and customers readily sanction.

Future Potential

Achieving growth is naturally the target for all Hegla UK and Bystronic UK customers which both Steve Goble and Steve Powell consider comes from investing in real assets that will not only pay for themselves but that will last.

For longstanding customers such as Mid Devon Glass, Village Glass, Clayton Glass and Dual Seal the Hegla brand is synonymous with value, reliability and distinction.

Hegla’s passion and commitment to quality engineering impressed Kevin Squib, Managing Director at Mid Devon Glass many times. For him, there has never been any never any doubt about the technology and support from dedicated engineers with a full understanding of the production re-quirements and the company’s potential.

With investments in products including laser technology, Hegla cutting lines as well as an automatic insulation glass line, the production floor is now extremely simplistic thanks to the automated pro-cesses that have been integrated.

He comments, “Our investment in Hegla has always been geared towards improving services for customers with a view to providing a broader product range and more efficient deliveries”

Likewise for leading manufacturers Village Glass and Dual Seal investment in Hegla equipment has enabled both companies to set new standards in the domestic and commercial markets due to the superior capabilities of the equipment.

Ryan Green, Managing Director at Clayton Glass commented “Technical investment at the compa-ny is essential because of the increasing market demands in relation to product specification and quality standards. Quite simply, the equipment we have installed was chosen because of the supe-riority and reliability of the Hegla /Bystronic brands.”

Steve Goble, comments, “As Helga UK, Hegla and Bystronic glass all reach major milestones in terms of experience and precision engineering, through our customers’ repeated success stories it demonstrates the durability and consistent quality standards associated with the products.”

Steve Powell concludes, “The UK is a unique market and we work closely together to provide im-proved customer satisfaction and believe the innovations, paybacks and excellence allied to German engineering will continue to motivate investors.”


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