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LB Roof Windows launches campaign to save Britain’s attics

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UK-leading natural light specialists LB Roof Windows are spearheading a campaign to reclaim the Great British attic, aiming to show homeowners the huge potential that lies in an all-too-often neglected part of the home.

With UK properties being on average the smallest in Europe, many homeowners reach a stage where they want to expand their living space – whether that’s by building brick-and-mortar additions to their home, or moving house entirely. But LB Roof Windows argues there’s an extremely viable third option, far easier and cheaper than the other two – reclaiming the attic.

“Across the UK, there are literally hundreds of thousands of attics sitting dormant, underutilised and filled with nothing more than dusty boxes and clutter - and we want to put an end to that,” commented LB Roof Windows Sales Director, Adrian Cooper. “There are also hundreds of thousands of people who want more space in their homes – and it’s our aim to show them that repurposing their attic can be a fantastic, cost-effective way to achieve that.”

“Spreading awareness of the huge range of attic conversion options available isn’t just great for consumers – it’s fantastic for installers too. Whatever they turn their attic into, almost every homeowner’s attic conversion project will involve the installation of roof windows - a fantastic way to capitalise on the area that usually has the potential to become the brightest and airiest room in the home. They can help to transform the space, welcoming in high-levels of fresh air and natural light, creating elevated, panoramic views – and provide installers with an excellent additional source of revenue.”

LB Roof Windows are a major distributor of roof windows and related accessories from the VKR Group, including leading brands Velux and Dakea. They are also the UK exclusive distributor of the Liteleader and Aurora range of contemporary roof windows.

“At LB Roof Windows we have a roof window solution for any gradient or type of roof - made from the highest-quality materials, in a number of styles, from the leading manufacturers in our industry. More and more consumers are waking up to the benefits of natural light in their home – and whatever the project, we can provide the perfect solution to suit.”

With over 30 years of experience, Mansfield based LB Roof Windows offer an extensive range of roof windows, skylights, roof domes, conservatory roof accessories and glazing products. As well as roof window solutions from Dakea, Velux, Aurora and Liteleader, LB Roof Windows also offer flat roof windows and roof lanterns.

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