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Romag’s exclusive agreement with suntuitive

Romag has agreed an exclusive agreement to be the UK manufacturer for the pioneering Suntuitive product, bringing self-tinting glass technology to the residential and commercial sectors.

Suntuitive technology has been developed by Michigan based Pleotint LLC, who over the last 17 years have become the world's top innovator in self-tinting glass, boasting eight international patents and a number of business awards. In the USA this product has performed incredibly well in large glazed areas for domestic and commercial projects and the plan is to offer the same capabilities in buildings across the UK.

When exposed to strong solar rays, the Suntuitive glass unit changes into a darkened blue state, bring light transmission down and importantly, reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s rays. The performance of the glass unit changes by the minute offering various levels of solar control and light transmission as climatic conditions dictate by the minute, making for a true dynamic environment.

The technical credentials of Suntuitive glass are overwhelmingly impressive, boasting a G-value of 10-34%, light transmission of 6-60% and offering a U-value of 1.2 W/m2K. To put that into perspective when there is little solar heat on the glass unit it remains in a clear state, yet still offering impressive levels of solar control.

With a history in glass innovation, Romag is the perfect partner in which to bring this exciting and pioneering development to the UK market, with the promise of short-lead times, marketing support and technical assistance. The fact that the Suntuitive product can be manufactured using existing equipment and processes is good news for Romag, while the glass can be handled and installed in pretty much the same way as any other standard glass unit.

Paul Cruddace, Romag’s sales and marketing director, commented: ‘Without question this is one of the most exciting glass developments that Romag has seen in recent years. It’s commercially viable, easy to handle and unlike switchable glass technologies, doesn’t require any wires.

He continues: ‘The commercial opportunities are broad indeed across industrial and residential sectors and will help broaden the reach of Romag.’

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