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HEGLA - always at the cutting edge of technology cuts through the competition

The RAPIDSTORE offers greater storage capacity

Over the last few years increasing efficiency and output has been a priority for many manufacturers, particularly in the light of potential changes to business within the eurozone. A lot of companies have strategised in order to prepare for the shift in economic conditions that could result this year after March.

The Helga team has worked alongside key decision makers who have carefully evaluated business plans that will incorporate only the most cost effective machinery solutions in order to streamline production methods.

Consequently, the Hegla team works hard to accommodate customer needs and ensures that reliability and increased productivity will guarantee positive results. The pedigree of the Helga brand is well recognised both nationally and internationally with those making investments in reliable machinery and quality standards.

Working in tandem with the Bystronic Glass UK team who provide service support on all products from the Bystronic range, the team ensures that customers’ production methods are as efficient as possible before installing new equipment.

Regarding cutting, without doubt Hegla is at the forefront of the industry particularly in relation to products such as the RAPIDSTORE Automatic Shuttle System which provides many unique options.

The RAPIDSTORE offers greater storage capacity for more glass types providing a great space saving system that is simple to install. Careful consideration has gone into its concept with the automatic system having a side feeding double sided loader incorporated into its design.

Knowing that turnarounds have to be exceedingly fast and efficient the RAPIDSTORE ensures that glass types can change whilst the loader is in operation which maximises cutting capacity.

The Hegla range is regularly evaluated and adapted to accommodate future market requirements as they are launched, with the team focused on providing complete, tailored solutions that can be fully integrated into existing production lines.

Increasing output and raising production standards is core to Helga strategies, with the team always ready to make studies of matched machinery within a facility to highlight any potential issues that could arise for customers.

Hegla also offers optional advantages that will optimise performance and accuracy. Designed with efficiency in mind, the multi-functioning range can provide standard and compact solutions for all types of glass cutting.

Steve Goble comments, “Hegla has a wealth of global experience that is hard to beat in this industry.

Manufacturers need to assess whether they are being held back by machines that leave the production line dormant. Pockets of wasted time will build up and subsequently have a considerable effect on the output levels, which no-one can afford.

In order to gain a competitive edge in this industry it is imperative to accurately cut, break and separate as fast as possible during the production process.”

As with all Hegla systems there are numerous application possibilities that will provide the most efficient solution for industrial processing. Fewer glass locations and the ability to automatically process orders enables customers to simplify and speed up production methods.

For more information on any products from the Hegla range please call 01908 261933

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