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Icotherm Solid Roofs make installation quick and easy

A solid roof watertight in less than two hours is exactly what installers get with Icotherm Solid Roofs. The pre-fabricated modular roof construction it quick and easy to install. The clever pod system includes all insulation, and is ready to fit together with items found in every installers toolbox. Dave Jackson is the brains behind the highly successful, simple to install, Icotherm Solid Roof. “Replacing a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof couldn’t be easier with Icotherm. From the moment customers order a roof we offer straightforward schematic drawings which make easy reading for anyone used to fitting conservatories.

“The structural timber modular pods, manufactured in our factory in Bolton, have very few components. The insulation is pre-fitted just like structural insulated panels proven on timber framed buildings. Once made, we number them to make it easier for customers to put them together perfectly on site.

“Many Icotherm roofs are replacing aluminium conservatory roofs and butt up to a house wall. We know that few house walls are perfectly square or true, so we have made a system that is easy to adjust during the installation process.

“The lightweight roof can easily be retrofit in a day including removing the old roof. Typically, the roof can be watertight in an hour or two or even less. The quickest installation time we have recorded so far is just 40 minutes. Icotherm Solid Roofs are also superb for new build extensions.”

Over the last two years Icotherm has built an expert team, that’s worked to perfect the easy to install, fully ventilated, lightweight, tiled solid conservatory roof.

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