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Brisant gets 12 times more warehouse space to continue fast growth

Brisant moves to new premises for 12 times more space

Brisant Secure has moved to a new building with over 12 times more warehouse space than its old premises. The creator of Ultion, the high security cylinder door lock, has acquired a new building to increase its capacity and continue its fast growth.

Brisant Secure launched Ultion in May 2015. The most secure cylinder lock on the market passes even the most aggressive tests. It is BSI Kitemarked TS007 3*, has achieved the Master Locksmiths Association’s Sold Secure Diamond, and is Secured By Design. Ultion has driven Brisant’s fast growth since its launch, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “Ultion has created an avalanche in the door market. Most large and medium door manufacturers switched quickly to Ultion security as standard. Some buy doors, throw away the cylinder, and replace it with Ultion because homeowners want real security, and Ultion, the most secure cylinder door lock you can buy, sells doors.”

Brisant’s national homeowner survey found that 85% of homeowners say security is what they want when buying a new door. So Ultion, which offers real-life security, sells doors for installers across the country.

“We’ve moved just down the road, and with the space we have now we can continue to grow very fast,” adds Nick. “We’ve spent the last few months developing the space and building new office facilities. Now we’re in, we’re keen to make the most of it and fill it quickly!”

To find out what selling real-life security can do for your business call 01924 490 200, visit www.ultion-lock.co.uk or follow @UltionLock on Twitter.

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Brisant Secure

Brisant Secure is led by cylinder lock expert CEO Steve Stewart. Steve designed Brisant’s range of innovative, premium quality, top performance cylinders, which have been widely accepted by the locksmith market and now making rapid in roads to the replacement door market. Having previously run ABS and designed Avocet’s ABS lock, many consider Steve the leading cylinder lock designer in the UK.

In an industry that relies on £3 Euro cylinders, standards and guidelines are complicated and often confused, so installers are misled as to the real security they are selling, and homeowners think they are more secure than they are. Brisant wants to change that.

Sold Secure Diamond testing has no rules. All cylinders are tested using any and all means known to breach cylinders. There is no time limit to how long a trained MLA locksmith can have to dissect the lock. If the lock breaks, it failed. If the lock isn’t breached by any attack, it is awarded Diamond status. Cylinders that have achieved this rating are truly the locks that lock.

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