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Premiline Pro in 4 pane, PAS 24 mode

Kömmerling’s patented PremiLine PRO patio door has successfully achieved PAS 24 in a 4-pane variant, using a single door set for the entire testing procedure and without the need for additional, unsightly plunge bolts.

PremiLine PRO was originally launched in August 2015 as the first PVCu patio door that could achieve PAS 24 and importantly, could meet the strict standards for operational handle height of no more than 1200mm from the floor within the Lifetime Homes design criteria. The recent physical test of the 4-pane variant extends the PAS 24 remit further and highlights the impressive product engineering credentials of Kömmerling.

The PAS 24 procedure involved a 15 minute test with human intervention of crowbars and other hand tools, followed by the mechanical loading of 37 different points on the door, which were subjected to half and quarter tonne loads in different directions. Additional human intervention, along with soft and hard body impact testing was all carried out on the same door, from the start to the conclusion of the testing programme.

PremiLine PRO in this 4-pane variant came through the PAS 24 testing with ease and will carry Secured by Design certification, which will also be extended to 3-pane alternatives and a unique triple track design. Collectively, PremiLine PRO provides the most secure, capable and wide ranging PVCu patio door system in Europe and it can be easily manufactured with existing PremiLine profiles, only requiring an additional track and hardware upgrade package.

The PremiLine PRO concept was developed in conjunction with Fullex Locks, by harnessing a compact sized multi-point locking system at the patio door interlock, which is operated by a simple lever. It was launched in response to the new Document Q regulations and will offer housebuilders a compliant, German engineered door that looks and performs to the latest standards.

Social housing specifiers will also benefit from a product that satisfies the criteria for Lifetime Homes standard and with security a key driver at the consumer level in door set sales, homeowners will have the confidence once again to install high security patio doors in their respective homes, with the added re-assurance of a £1,000 security guarantee.

Kevin Warner, head of sales and marketing at Kömmerling commented: PremiLine PRO is without question the most secure PVCu patio door system in the UK whether in the 2, 3 or 4 pane variants, thanks to physical testing. No other patio door can satisfy the needs of consumers, housebuilders or social housing specifiers with the same degree of confidence.

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Kömmerling is part of the Profine Group, which is Europe’s largest extruder of window and door systems under the Kömmerling, KBE and Trocal brand names and operates across 21 countries. The brand has an enviable reputation in the UK for product design, quality and customer service. Kömmerling has always been recognised at the premium end of the market and this reflects on the type of customer it supplies and their own professional approach to the market.

Kömmerling can also lay claim to be one of the most environmentally conscious brands in the UK supplying window and door systems using Greenline, a lead-free compound and supporting this with the Recyline recycling initiative.

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