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How to fit more bi-folds with AluFoldDirect

Over the last ten years, aluminium bi-folding doors have become part of the mainstream home improvement offering and the recent Palmer Market report tips aluminium for further growth going forward.

For installation companies looking to make the most of this growth, AluFoldDirect’s simple and effective service helps them to sell and fit more aluminium bi-fold doors.

“Installing bi-fold doors only becomes problematic when the door isn’t the right size for the hole,” explains Craig Miller, Managing Director at AluFoldDirect. “Our aluminium bi-fold doors are precisely manufactured by our trained team to fit right first time, every time. That’s why we say to customers, build the hole, measure it and then order your bi-fold door from us, delivered in one week.”

AluFoldDirect delivers bi-fold doors supplied in-frame direct to site in plain, unmarked vans, ready to fit straight away. To help installers stick to work schedules, bi-fold doors are delivered in one week unglazed and two weeks glazed, ready to install.

“Measuring brick to brick when the space for the bi-fold door is built takes out the guess work and guarantees a better fit,” continues Craig. “And if the door fits right, then installation is quick and easy and the need for adjustment is minimal.”

The opening of a new factory earlier this year has expanded manufacturing space by two thirds and by investing in a comprehensive training scheme for the manufacturing team, AluFoldDirect delivers precisely manufactured bi-fold doors that fit right first time, every time.

Craig adds: “By understanding the challenges faced by installers, we have tailored our manufacturing, ordering and delivery processes to help them get the job done on time, in the most efficient way possible.”

Installers can visit the newly opened AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn to see the latest bi-folding doors and discover other aluminium glazing solutions that can help them to expand their offering to customers.

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