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AluFoldDirect Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prove to Be the Best for Fay

An engineer who has completely rebuilt, extended and refurbished her family home was impressed by the quality of manufacture and speed of delivery she received when she ordered aluminium bi-fold doors from AluFoldDirect.

For Fay Best and her partner Mark, it’s been a superb end to an often difficult process. The couple have been working on their dream home in Leeds for a year, and experienced several setbacks from suppliers, in particular through not delivering on time or making mistakes that required rework.

With AluFoldDirect, the process was plain sailing. Fay discussed her requirements with AluFoldDirect, who talked her through the measuring and ordering process. The company then put her in touch with a local installer while the doors were being manufactured and delivered them on the day Fay requested.

AluFoldDirect is always happy to work directly with homeowners, to help them benefit from cost savings and a streamlined supply chain by going direct to the fabricator. In Fay’s case, this made perfect sense because of her background in engineering and product design.

“After a year of building nightmares, it is wonderful to have something arrive as ordered, on time and fitted so perfectly.

“I chose AluFoldDirect after doing lots of research into the aluminium bi-fold door market. I wanted aluminium as it looks amazing and is long-lasting.

“I was also on the look-out for quality of manufacturing. My career has been in industrial design and my current role as a consultant for WISEcampaign and governor for the UTC Leeds Academy involve showing young women the opportunities available in engineering.

“I knew from experience that getting the doors right meant measuring the size of the hole to get the exact dimensions, so I was impressed that AluFoldDirect makes this central to the way they work.

“After getting very inconsistent service from my suppliers over the past year, it also really appealed that AluFoldDirect promises to deliver within two weeks for a glazed aluminium bi-fold door, meaning that I could plan ahead.

“The whole process went very smoothly. I placed the order and it arrived exactly when they said it would. AluFoldDirect were polite and helpful throughout.

“Best of all the bi-folds look fantastic and fit perfectly. They make the whole house. From an engineering perspective, the glide is smooth and solid and the doors are easy to open.

“I always encourage students to see the lifestyle benefits of good engineering – and my doors are a perfect example of that!”

“I’d recommend AluFoldDirect to anybody.”

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