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How an Icotherm fully ventilated solid roof works

Conservatory roof expert Dave Jackson says the most important thing to consider in a solid roof is ventilation. Dave is the brains behind the highly successful, easy to install, Icotherm Solid Roof. Over the last two years he’s put together an expert team, that’s worked to perfect the fully ventilated, lightweight, tiled solid roof.

The roof has a cross ventilation system. It’s designed so the air flows in over the eaves and flows out through the ridge. This reduces any chance of condensation.

“Most new homes have roofs built with eaves and ridge ventilation, that’s because it’s the most efficient system,” says Dave. “We could see that replicating this method would work well for building new extensions and retrofitting onto conservatories. We have proven the system to be highly effective in preventing condensation. Installers and builders using the Icotherm Solid Roof tell us how impressed they are.”

The roof design also allows Icotherm to add 150mm of insulation keeping the heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer to maintain even temperatures throughout the year.

“My background in glass roofs has given me a good perspective on what’s needed in solid roofs. That’s why the Icotherm Solid Roof is lightweight and fits comfortably onto conservatory walls for an easy retro-fit.”

Dave Jackson has more than 16 years’ experience in the industry working with Quantal, Synseal and K2 as well as in fabrication. The insight into what installers want comes from Icotherm’s joint director Jenny Jackson who ran a conservatory retail business for 9 years.

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