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Mercury Glazing’s FlushSash now available in 30 VEKA Variations shades

Leading specialist fabricator Mercury Glazing has just announced that its VEKA Halo FlushSash window is now available in all 30 of VEKA Halo’s new Variations colours. Chris Reeks, Mercury’s Sales and Marketing Director said: “We are delighted to be able to offer all 30 of the new solid and woodgrain colours on our FlushSash window. Coloured foiled profiles account for 30% of VEKA’s total sales, which indicates the quality and choice the Variations range offers.”

Chris says that coloured foils are a particularly popular option on its FlushSash window. “When homeowners choose a heritage window they want to complete the look with a heritage colour finish and the Variations range gives them exactly that. Agate Grey is proving one of the most popular shades – it’s a colour that sits somewhere between Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey so it works on a multitude of projects. Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey remain perennial favourites, as do white foil and cream.”

Mercury can fabricate windows with different foil colours on either side of the profile. It means the colour range has incredible versatility – in fact, there are nearly 900 potential permutations to choose from. To complete the high quality finish, the company offers a choice of three base colours – White, Brown or Caramel – to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish. And for complete peace of mind, the colours are covered by a ten year weatherability and colour fastness guarantee.

Mercury added the FlushSash window to its range last year and it has proved a winning addition. The window emulates the heritage looks of a nineteenth century window that sits flush within its frame and is virtually indistinguishable from the timber equivalent, making it a cost-effective solution to the problem of ageing timber windows in historic homes. Yet while its looks are reassuringly heritage, its construction is anything but. Its energy-efficient, five chamber PVC-U frame, which can be double or triple glazed, offers impressive weatherproofing and draughtproofing as well as preventing condensation forming and significantly reducing outside noise.

Mercury has built its reputation on providing the specialist value added products that enhance every portfolio. With the option of 30 VEKA Halo Variations colour foils to choose from on its FlushSash window, it’s enhancing that reputation still further.

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