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Fenster Fabrications hails surge in aluminium doors

Uni_Slide Panoramic Sliding Door

Fenster Fabrications, the company behind Üni_Slide, the ultra-slim aluminium sliding door system, has reacted positively to a new study that shows healthy growth in the UK’s door market and foresees this trend continuing through to 2020, with high-end patio and sliding door products seeing particular success.

Produced by AMA Research, specialist research and analysis providers to the construction and home improvement sectors, the report places 2015’s total residential door growth at 7%, citing the enduring popularity of higher-end products as a key factor driving this continued expansion. The study goes on to predict growth of between 3-5% between now and 2020.

“We’re pleased but not surprised by these statistics,” commented Tony Drake, Fenster Fabrications managing director. “We have positioned Üni_Slide to cater to a surge in demand in this exact market – high-end consumers, unwilling to compromise on looks or performance and instead looking for sliding door solutions that excel in all areas.”

Other respected studies have also registered huge growth in aluminium door products over the last decade. The Palmer Market Report reported that 25,000 bifold doors were installed in 2011. By 2013, this had jumped to 32,000.

The most recent Palmer study, published in October of this year, reported that while the total volume of glass and glazing products was down 0.7%, the continued shift towards higher end offerings actually delivered a 2% increase in installed volume. Palmer also tipped the aluminium door sector for significant growth in the years ahead.

“These trends are fantastic news for us and our customers,” Tony continues. “With Üni_Slide, we’re perfectly positioned to take advantage of the surging popularity of aluminium products that deliver outstanding design, exceptional performance and stunning aesthetics – and it’s hugely encouraging to receive statistics as positive as these as we seek to establish and expand a nationwide network of Üni_Slide dealers. If you’re interested in becoming the sole Üni_Slide provider in your area, don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

Üni_Slide is an ultra-slim aluminium sliding door, equally suited to commercial and residential applications. Offering exceptional thermal efficiency, build quality, and desirable minimalist aesthetics, Üni_Slide can achieve frame sightlines as slim as 20mm, and a slim central interlock, while being able to support sliding panels of up to 3m high and 2.2m wide. The product can be assembled in a limitless run of units, with each panel capable of holding up to 320kg of glass.

For more information, call 01626 334455 or visit www.uni-slide.com

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