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Tawonga Ukongwa (Thank You Very Much) Conservatory Outlet

Esnert, a schoolgirl planting trees near Mzuzu.

Wakefield based fabricator Conservatory Outlet is helping to make a difference over 7,000 miles away with its continued support for the RIPPLE Africa charity.

RIPPLE Africa work to combat the devastating effects of deforestation within Malawi, including soil degradation, landslides, the drying up of rivers, rain shortages and the depletion of wildlife. This large scale project utilises 800 volunteers to operate 80 Forest Conservation Committees within the area, and the benefits of their work are really helping to provide ‘a hand up, not a hand out’ for the affected regions.

For more than six years Conservatory Outlet has supported RIPPLE Africa in a variety of ways, often including the power of the whole network to boost financial support for the charity, which, at times, has even equated to one tree planted for every frame manufactured.

Conservatory Outlet has received a special ‘thank you’ from RIPPLE Africa for its continued support, with evidence that the company’s backing is helping to bring about vital changes to the area, such as the planting of new trees, education for local people on how to build cooking stoves from stone and mud (requiring less wood), and helping families to secure land for farming outside of the forested areas.

Conservatory Outlet Managing Director Greg Kane said ‘It’s great to be in the position to be able to support such a worthwhile cause and it is only thanks to the hard work from across the entire Conservatory Outlet network which means that we can help make a difference in another part of the world. It’s brilliant to see the regular updates from RIPPLE Africa and so rewarding to hear about the differences our contributions help to achieve.’

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