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LEKA Warm Roof’s innovation has taken market by storm

The LEKA Warm Roof is the only GRP solid conservatory roof system on the global market today and it’s one of the fastest growing too. Rhys Hoddinott, Director at LEKA Systems commented: “We knew when we launched the LEKA Warm Roof in 2015, we had a genuinely innovative product on our hands, but even we have been surprised by how quickly it has been picked up by fabricators and installers.”

Certified fabricators have exclusive territories when they add the LEKA Warm Roof to their portfolios and with over 100 trained & certified sales/installation people already signed up, the LEKA Fabricators are seeing growing volumes of roof orders. Rhys’s advice? “If you’re interested in fabricating or installing the LEKA Warm Roof, contact us today. There are weekly training courses being run around the country and spaces are limited. Training is free of charge as well! ” Certified companies receive strong marketing support to help them make the most of the product. This is truly a product that can change your business and also your outlook on the solid roof market.

‘Training was excellent and far superior to any other training we have received from any other solid roof manufacturer over the past four years.’
Colin from Composite Home Improvements

The LEKA Warm Roof was developed using innovative engineering techniques, highly technical design protocols and practical experience. It has a U value of just 0.15, leading the way in thermal efficiency. Tile finishes include Metrotile and Tapco Slate. The roof is available in any design and can incorporate Velux rooflights. It offers a bigger span and a lower pitch too, giving it incredible design flexibility. It’s also incredibly quick and easy to install: because there are fewer elements to install than on a traditional solid conservatory roof, on site installation typically takes a genuine two days, including removing the old conservatory roof.

With credentials like this and a 40 year Warranty, it’s hardly surprising the LEKA Warm Roof is proving such a hit. Hurry, and register your interest in becoming either a LEKA certified Fabricator or Installer by contacting LEKA Systems Today.

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