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Newview strikes silver

When you’ve been operating in the industry for a decade you’re bound to have an anecdote or two, but the team at Newview Windows & Conservatories recently experienced what could possibly be an oddly unique incident.

The Newview fitting team were working on a property in London installing new Rehau acoustic windows plus replacement through-wall vents.

Having replaced the windows and vents, the team loaded the waste into their van and drove back to the yard at the end of a long day – completely unaware of the presence of two 1kg silver bars hidden in one of the vents – and chucked everything into the recycling skip.

At 8pm, the customer called Newview’s Installations Manager in a total panic having realised they had finished the whole job. First thing the next morning, the Installations Manager had to jump into the skip just as the recycling lorry arrived and found the silver bars, wrapped in a bit of cloth.

Duncan Wietscher, Sales & Operations Director at Newview, commented: “Nothing like this has ever happened to us before and our team would never in a million years be expecting to see something like this when on a job, but I guess the customer just had nowhere else to store them.

“It was a bit of nightmare that we accidently threw the silver bars into the skip but we are very glad they have now been returned to their rightful owner.”

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