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No Brexit blues for Conservatory Outlet

With the majority of the industry poised for a dip in consumer spend whilst homeowners wait for clarification of what Brexit actually means for them, Conservatory Outlet and its network retail partners have seen no such trends and are set strong to continue in their sustained growth patterns of recent years.

In the six weeks since the Brexit decision was announced, the daily monitoring of raw retail enquiries has demonstrated an average increase of 18% across the Conservatory Outlet network from 2015 to 2016, and on some specific days the total enquiry figures were more than twice the amount in comparison to the previous year.

The Wakefield based fabricator doubled its turnover between 2012 and 2015, and despite the concerns surrounding the EU referendum results this commendable growth rate shows no sign of slowing down. Conservatory Outlet’s ‘area exclusive’ business model is designed specifically for its retail partners, which alongside the hard work and initiatives of the network installers themselves has seen Conservatory Outlet retail partners traditionally fare better than the rest of the market.

Conservatory Outlet Joint Managing Director Greg Kane explains, ‘we began to closely track enquiries on a daily basis across the network after the news of Brexit, although always monitored, we were keen to get a detailed picture of the impact the decision would have in the world of retail. At first glimpse it appears that the great marketing work from our well branded Conservatory Outlet installers are helping to persuade clients to continue along the ‘don’t move – improve’ approach in response to the news, and subsequently network statistics are still looking to stay on a positive trend.’

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