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A Blind for Every Door

Thanks to further investment, leading supplier of added value building products for the home, ODL Europe, is delighted to report that its Built In Blind range is now suitable for almost any style of door in the UK. It can be custom sized for conservatories, composites, French, bi-fold and sliding patio doors, and fitted at point of fabrication or installation. It is also compatible with PVC-U, timber and aluminium profile systems.

Mark Towers, Managing Director at ODL Europe explains: “I’ve been in this industry a long time now and can well remember the composite door market in its infancy. That of course has all now changed as we’ve reached the sweet spot when consumers are actually asking home improvement companies for composite doors. I see the integral blinds market as following a similar pattern in terms of market penetration. But that’s not to say companies aren’t already enjoying the benefits that integral blinds offer to their customers in applications as diverse as high end architectural bi-folding doors to standard domestic back doors. The humble kitchen door is especially enjoying a resurgence in replacements as homeowners who have upgraded their front door also look to improve what is often a neglected part of the home.

“Of course integral blinds in kitchens generally are a great concept and our 26mm options are ideal for half glazed back doors. These unique British manufactured, cordless, integral blind systems are protected internally from any damage like pets or children running out to play in the back garden and slamming doors. They have fingertip control and UV stable-slats. But most importantly for the kitchen, they require no cleaning to get rid of greasy streaks and are protected from stale cooking odour build up.

“As well as these very sellable benefits to the consumer, fabricators and installers are assured that glass units containing the blind are manufactured by a company with a long heritage in innovation, quality and added value. Our philosophy has always been to build value into building products and with a Built In Blind now available for almost every type of door in the UK, you could be effortlessly adding value to every door sale you make from now on.”

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ODL Europe

ODL Europe is a leading supplier of added value building products for the home. With parent company ODL Inc. established in the USA for some 70 years, ODL Europe has been making its mark in the UK and Europe for the past 10, with an all-encompassing product range including integrated blinds, glazing cassettes, screen doors and tubular skylights.

The company’s patented TriSys glazing cassette system has helped to revolutionise the retail market for doors and what’s more, ODL Europe can also boast the widest range of glazing cassette designs available in the UK.

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