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Security for Social Housing High on the Agenda at CIH Housing

One of the main topics of discussion at this year’s CIH Housing Conference and Exhibition, held in Manchester, was the challenge faced by developers and service providers when taking into consideration the wellbeing and safety of individuals and communities who take up social housing properties.

That’s why Jack Aluminium was happy that its Jack Door TD68 system was on display at the show, demonstrating the safety and protection that it provides for social housing, apartment blocks and other buildings.

“Secure doors are vital to building safe, effective social housing for the future,” explains Jeff Pearson, Sales Director of Jack Aluminium. “Choosing the right door design and material has a real impact on security for residents, it’s so important for developers to choose a door which offers durability, thermal efficiency and only grants access to those who need it.

“The ingenious design of the Jack Door makes it easy for fabricators to manufacture entrance and emergency exit doors that are designed to deliver reliable security without compromising on appearance or thermal efficiency.

“Visitors to CIH Housing were very interested in what can be achieved by choosing the right doors for their projects.”

As well as entrance doors, the Jack Door system can be used to manufacture anti-panic emergency and mag lock doors. Anti-panic doors are traditionally targeted by thieves because they are intended to be easy to open in the event of an emergency and are usually located on a secluded part of a building. The design of the Jack Door allows the doors to be locked from the outside, whilst still being easy to open from the inside in the event of an emergency.

Mag lock doors are usually used for buildings which restrict access to those who need it, like social housing apartments. The careful design of the system removes common weaknesses to make sure the doors are truly safe and secure, making sure residents have control over who comes in and out of the building.

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