Letter to the Editor - Dan Sullivan, DOORCO

Dear Ian,

Having spent a lot of time since Brexit talking to customers about its possible implications on our supply chain, I’m writing to set out DOORCO’s stance on the development. Fundamentally, I believe no organisation can afford to knee-jerk to the immediate financial situation, so DOORCO will continue to adopt a business as usual approach, while carefully monitoring the next few months to see how things play out.

I’ve explained to customers that the significant stock DOORCO holds right now in the UK and indeed stock currently in transit to us, has not been affected by any price increases. Neither will we see surcharges on the orders we place in the next few weeks because our Korean partners hold significant stock at pre-Brexit prices. So, as things stand we will not be implementing increases. However, we must be realistic and mindful that this situation could well change in coming months. Everything is uncertain at the moment. So many things are up in the air that could directly affect our industry – the position of Sterling, current and future trading agreements, legislative changes including employment and even testing standards and compliance. But equally, things may even out when Article 50 is finally triggered.

The point is nobody knows how things will develop. There’s a great saying here in the North – when in doubt, do nowt. It may sound clichéd, but I believe that’s what every business should be doing at the moment – sitting back, taking a deep breath, monitoring the situation daily and most importantly, maintaining two-way dialogue with customers. This is precisely what DOORCO is doing and will continue to do.

Dan Sullivan, Managing Director, DOORCO

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DOORCO is the leading innovator in the composite door industry. It has a reputation for building the highest quality doors to match increasing industry demands, and boasts one of the widest ranges of door designs to appeal to both the commercial and retail sector.

With more than 1,000,000 composite doors manufactured and distributed in the last decade from its state of the art factory in Macclesfield, DOORCO is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing composite door manufacturers in the UK. Constant investment in product development ensures that new innovations are regularly brought to market.

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