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Keep calm and carry on manufacturing

Jerry Webb, Managing Director of CDW Systems

A leading industry figure has reacted to the UK’s decision to exit the European Union by calling for calm and return to business as usual.

Jerry Webb, Managing Director of CDW Systems, has come on record stating business leaders should cut through the hysteria and instead inspire action.

He comments: “As someone who’s been in business for more than 30 years, and has been running a business for more than 20 years, I’m already fed-up with the post-Brexit political posturing and media frenzy.

“It is uncertainty and lack of willingness to invest that causes a recession. What we need as a country, and as an industry, is strong leadership and a decision to be made asap regarding the future of this country and its role within the EU.

“At the moment, there is a vacuum of leadership at the highest level with political kingpins falling like a pack of cards. If we’re not careful, this will filter across to the markets and also seep into our industry.”

Jerry goes on to say that in the event of a negative outcome businesses need to retain optimism if we are to keep the economy – and the industry – ticking over.

He comments: “Failing a resolution and return to normality we could start to see every part of our economy negatively affected. However, we need to remember that the UK has a huge domestic market and for companies that don’t export it needs to be business as usual.

“And for those braver souls that export beyond our shores, there also needs to be a realisation that Article 50 has yet to be signed and as it stands – for right or wrong – we’re still a fully-fledged member of the EU.

“In conclusion, now is not the time for doom-mongering or plain lies. We need to focus all our energy on ensuring that as business leaders we provide the hope and the leadership that will keep the economy moving, employers employing and suppliers supplying”

CDW Systems has been operating for 22 years, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of windows, doors, shops and curtain walling using some of the leading aluminium profile systems on the market today including SAPA, ALUK and Smarts.

Strong growth in the commercial market and increasing demand for aluminium products in the domestic market has seen rapid expansion at CDW over the past four years; staff numbers soar and the creation of a night shift to meet demand.

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