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tremco illbruck releases CDP on timber frame

tremco illbruck's Differential Movement CPD

tremco illbruck has produced a CPD training module to explain how its membranes and sealants can be used to overcome the problems of differential movement in timber frame structures.

Timber frame is one of the fastest-growing construction methods in UK. It accounts for over 25% of the housing market (more than 50% in Scotland) and is also popular in the construction of multi-storey apartment buildings, nursing homes and the social housing and self-build markets.

However, differential movement caused by shrinkage of the timber frame in relation to the external cladding can cause problems if no allowance for this movement is included within the design and installation.

Aimed at timber frame designers and installers, tremco illbruck’s CPD (entitled Timber Frame Construction : Differential Movement – Considerations relating to window installation) provides an introduction to the timber frame market, gives an indication of considerations affecting building in timber frame, explains the factors relevant to differential movement and suggests product solutions that can effectively solve the associated problems.

The key focus is on the problem of differential movement or settlement with an explanation of what causes this and the associated issue of weather tightness and airtightness. Examples of product applications, which will meet Building Regulations, are also described in detail.

The CPD describes the most popular sealing solutions for windows installed in timber frame construction including impregnated foam tapes such as the company’s TP450 Compriband Timber Max. It also explains how to achieve airtightness below 5m³/hr/m², and down to Passive House levels, while accommodating significant differential movement.

Also described within the CPD is the use of intelligent membranes to ensure airtightness to Passive House levels. An example of how a three-level sealing system (airtight intelligent membrane, insulation level gun-applied PU foam, and external weather seal impregnated vapour-permeable foam tape) works.

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