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200 windows, still working after 10 years. Why timber experts Gowercroft choose Roto

Many of the showcase Roto customer projects from around the world are aluminium window or door installations on large commercial buildings, such as London’s Leadenhall skyscraper, Hamburg’s Dancing Towers and many more.

However, no less significant are many private properties on which Roto hardware has helped manufacturers of timber windows and doors to provide the size, style and functionality their clients require.

Exclusive property

Some of these installations are on extremely prestigious homes. An example is a contract won by long-term Roto client Gowercroft Joinery to provide windows and patio doors for a very exclusive property located in the Highgate area of North London. This substantial project took two years to complete.

“Ten years after the first units were installed, all of the doors and windows are still in service and performing well. There have been no issues caused by Roto hardware”, reports Gowercroft Managing Director Andrew Madge. “We’ve made perhaps one or two call outs to replace components. In these cases it is almost certainly down to misuse or over-aggressive use. For such a large contract, it is a very low number indeed”.

Joinery specialist

Gowercroft has been growing steadily since its inception in the late 1990s. A specialist in all types of joinery, the company works on many significant heritage projects as well as providing internal and external joinery for brand new architectural designs. One aspect of their service is the design and manufacture of bespoke timber windows and doors.

The Gowercroft team are experts in their field and, although full technical support is always available from Roto, their years of experience using the hardware means they are able to work out most specifications themselves.

“We did need to consult Roto for some advice regarding the Bishops Avenue project”, explains Andrew. “Some of the Tilt&Turn window-door units were outside of the normal size parameters. Happily, Roto engineers were able to confirm that the configurations we had proposed were indeed possible”.

“Quality and professionalism”

The contract was administered by WillowAcre Investments and Developments, a firm that specialises in the refurbishment and development of prime properties in the London area. WillowAcre had previously worked with Gowercroft and gone on record praising them for what they described as a “high standard of quality and professionalism”.

“This contract was a really prestigious one for Roto, and we are really pleased to know that the hardware has provided trouble-free service for all this time”, says Roto Key Account Manager Dharminder Binning. “Long term reliability has always been one of the key benefits of using Roto hardware. It is good for us to have real case studies like this that prove the combination of Roto products, high quality profiles and professional installation and setup result in doors and windows that just keep on working”.

Two-year project

Over the course of two years, Gowercroft provided all of the internal and external joinery for the project, including the supply of over 200 window and door units.

Along with Tilt&Turn windows using the Roto NT Designo concealed hinge system, the Bishops Avenue property also features a number of Tilt&Slide patio sets geared with Roto Patio Z hardware. Some turn-only window-doors are also installed. These use Roto DoorLine hinges and locking components from the NT suite.

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