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Glass processing and IGU manufacture distinct sectors - poll

A new snap poll by glass processing consumables, tooling and machinery manufacturer Bohle, suggests the glazing industry still sees glass processing as a distinct sector to IGU manufacture.

The survey revealed that although 22 per cent of respondents said that they believed that IGU and glass processing sectors had merged, the vast majority of respondents (67 per cent) said that they believed that the remained distinct. A further 11 per cent were undecided.

Dave Broxton, Managing Director Bohle, said the findings suggested that while the skills and expertise employed by glass processors meant that the sector was seen as being distinct from IGU manufacture, diversification had ‘muddied the water’.

“Although the majority of respondents saw glass processing as distinct and separate to IGU manufacturing sectors, we would suggest that there has been ‘coming together’ as strata within each, have diversified”, he said.

Broxton continued: “We’re not talking about large IGU manufacturers suddenly turning their hand to craft work or vice versa. A number of medium and smaller IGU manufacturers have, however, expanded to offer products and services that have traditionally sat with glass processors.

“What will be interesting to see is if with improved economic conditions, that diversification continues at the same rate as an evolution of the market or if glass processors and IGU manufactures revert to their core competencies.”

The poll, found that as a whole, respondents were optimistic in their forecasts for continuing growth (67 per cent), with the remainder unsure. Retail and commercial sectors were seen as the main drivers of growth.

Bohle offers an extensive range of consumables, tools and equipment for glass cutting and breaking; automatic glass cutting and glass processing machinery; glass bonding; handling, glazing and surface protection.

The company launched its new 24/7 online ordering website, www.bohle-group.com last year.

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