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Solidor Network helps Brorn beat rivals hands down

Installer Network helps Brorn beat rivals hands down

Solidor’s Installer Network connects registered installers with homeowners who express interest via Solidor’s website. Members appear in the ‘Find an Installer’ search on the website and receive homeowner leads directly. It’s transforming business for Solidor’s Registered Installers.

Brorn Windows & Conservatories is a Premium Installer member of the Network. It’s really paying off for them. Leads from Solidor have been running at around two a week, and they’ve been high quality. About 9 out of 10 convert into orders. Brorn also uses the Solidor Cloud, so they can design a door quickly and easily, show the homeowner how it looks, get a quote and place an order in a matter of minutes.

Steve Brett, MD of Brorn Widows, is impressed: “The Installer Network and Solidor Cloud combined is without doubt the most efficient and best system I have ever used – and I’ve been in the industry 26 years. I had a lead recently from Solidor, quoted it on the Cloud and rang the customer within the hour with the price. He was so impressed with this speedy service he signed an order the same day. He told me they had been waiting days for other local companies to respond to their enquiry, never mind come up with the door design and price. We are beating the local competition hands down – even when they are offering bargain-basement prices. People are prepared to pay for quality products and service, and we are able to supply both with Solidor’s help.”

Gareth Mobley, CEO of Solidor, comments: “It’s great to know our lead generation system combined with Solidor Cloud is doing what it was designed for - helping customers sell and order more doors, easily and quickly.”

To find out how you can join Solidor’s Installer Network visit www.solidor.co.uk or call 01782 950 941.

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Now part of Masonite International Solidor is the Door Systems Division of DW3 Products Group. Solidor itself has become the go to brand for premium, solid core composite doors, with a reputation for true product innovation and unrivalled marketing.

Residor is the new mid-market GRP composite door and is the most secure of its type in the composite door sector. Like Solidor, it’s offered with the unrivalled3 Star Ultion cylinder as standard, with upgrade opportunities to Lock Lock. Completing the three-tier product strategy is Nicedor, offering quality door panels at a strong price point.

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