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UK hardware giant launches record number of products

7 is the lucky number for Caldwell UK as it brings a host of new pioneering products to market

An international total hardware solutions provider is celebrating launching a record number of new products.

Caldwell, which has its UK headquarters in Coventry, has brought a total of seven new products to market – all of which were recently showcased at the FIT Show.

The flurry of new products launched is part of the group’s 2020 vision to become the world’s leading total hardware solution provider, focusing on progression, innovation and pioneering the next generation of ideas.

Caldwell and its senior team have led the UK market when it comes to motorised and automated products; and invested a significant amount of money in research and design.

One of the new products is the Omni Drive remote controlled wireless system, which is designed for projected windows and will accommodate most current systems for high-end residential and commercial applications.

Ingenuity has also hit the market. It is a sleeker, more compact automated operating system that is used in conjunction with a sliding sash window but can also be incorporated in sliding doors.

The system opens up opportunities in the retrofit market as the unit can be incorporated during or after the manufacturing process, at the convenience of the manufacturer or the home owner.

Other new products include the new Ultra Stay hinge, which is a heavy duty product, designed to accommodate windows up to 45kg; and a complete new decorative hardware range for vertical sliding sash windows as well as two new sash balances, Ultra-Lift 6 and Torso II, the highest performing lowest friction balances currently in the industry.

Caldwell has also rolled out a never before seen product in the UK – the FoldUp window. It combines the classic aesthetics of a VS window, with a unique folding operation that offers superior ventilation and is the smallest hung window egress solution on the market.

Automated hardware and the FoldUp window are already popular products in the US and managing director of Caldwell, David Walker, says these products are set to hit the UK market in a big way.

He comments: “The home automation market is big in the USA and in the UK it is growing fast, albeit from a low base. It was also interesting to see how many products at Fensterbau were automated. Products in vogue in Germany now end up hitting the UK market a couple of years after, so the vital signs are good.

“Our mission at Caldwell is to bring hardware and product solutions to the market that are progressive and pioneering – it’s not about forcing products on manufacturers but introducing ones that allow our customer base to lead the market and keep ahead of their competitors. It’s an exciting time for Caldwell and we’re delighted to be bringing these new products to market.”

David Walker was recently named as the new managing director of Caldwell UK, following a career in engineering and a stint with KPMG.

He joins the company at an exciting time, with a new global brand being launched and the announcement that Cotswold Architectural Products – acquired by Caldwell in 2014 – has become a sub brand of the organisation.

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