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London Art Deco beauty restored with a million pounds’ worth of glass and metal from Hueck

Combining great views of the city with modern practicality, London’s Eagle House is a powerful statement of Art Deco elegance transported into the present-day by developer Mount Anvil and Farrells architects. The project utilises approximately £1m worth of windows, doors and curtainwall façades from Hueck, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of aluminium building systems. The installation was delivered by NA Curtain Walling, a UK building envelope specialist with services that include design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of curtainwall and cladding systems.

The development consists of 276 new apartments, 70 of which are affordable, as well as art studios, workshops, and over 6,000 sq. m of ground floor offices, restaurants and cafés in London’s Old Street District.

Nearly 700 windows and doors from Hueck’s high-performance Lambda 77 L range were used throughout the development. With U values as low as 1.0 W/(m²×K), and capable of accommodating a sash weight up to 160 kg visible/170 kg concealed, the 77mm Lambda profile systems were chosen for their high energy performances, as well as the design flexibility and versatility they offer.

Eagle House was specified with purge ventilation as part of the building regulations, and a special project solution was designed and developed by Hueck into the majority of the windows in order to meet these requirements. Larger, floor-to-ceiling windows to the penthouse suites needed a different approach, due to their size and weight. These have been specified with AOV gear by SE Controls, a specialist provider of tailored ventilation solutions for new and refurbished buildings.

Other frames provided by Hueck in collaboration with NA Curtain Walling included French inward opening windows with Tilt Before Turn facility, as well as inward opening doors with access from the outside. Alongside the Lambda suites, the project also features Hueck’s Trigon 50mm façade system with mullion-transom construction for vertical, slanting, level or polygonal curtain walls.

“Working with Hueck from the early stages ensured the project could be delivered cost-effectively, while keeping in line with the architect’s vision,” said Jason Cross, NA Curtain Walling operations director. “Hueck’s design facilities and technical expertise, alongside a very extensive range of window, door and façade systems can accommodate virtually any requirements and design concepts, and we look forward to partnering on future projects as well.”

Hueck UK project development manager, Darren Watkins, commented:,em> “Together with our partners we identified the best opportunities for value engineering, and we designed project-specific solutions within budget, to the ultimate benefit of the client.”

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